Studying the Languages

By on December 17, 2008

First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Jason Chamberlain and I am in my third year of working toward a MDiv at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary in Cary, NC. I have been reading GTS for months now and consider it an honor to be able to share some of my experiences from the four Read More...


Managing an Unmanageable Workload

By on December 12, 2008

The last thing I would advise anyone to do is what I did this semester—work thirty hours per week and take eight hours of classes simultaneously. I started working in the summer because we needed some extra money, and thought that I could keep at it during the fall semester while taking a few courses. Read More...

Give Graders a Break

By on October 9, 2008

Title sound familiar? Jeff’s post Professors Are People Too, got me thinking. On my lap right now sits a stack of theology position papers–a tall stack, I might add–to grade. Jeff and I have been blessed the past three years totag-team TA forthe first year Theology class. Jeff fills in teachingonce or twice a term Read More...


Professors are people too

By on October 6, 2008

A couple years ago I was humbled (okay, a couple minutes ago I was too, but that’s another story) … when I realized that my professors were so caring, authentic, and well, human. This epiphany moment? I was walking across campus and two different profs, a couple minutes apart, asked us how our son was Read More...

Seminary’s Un-mined Treasure: Its Faculty

By on September 17, 2008

For awhile I’ve wanted to write about discovering the treasure that is the seminary faculty, but realized it would be a little hypocritical coming from me. (Chad mentions this topic in his Top 5 “secret” tips for your first semester) This is my fourth year at Multnomah Biblical Seminary and it was not until this Read More...

Writing in your Bible

By on August 31, 2008

I remember my grandmother thought it was a disastrous thing to write in a Bible. I also remember seeing other kids write in hymnals and thinking they were going to Hell. Between a rabid fascination with the Bible and classical music training I have gotten both of these ideas out of my system. Last night Read More...

Starting Strong

By on August 29, 2008

Another semester is upon us. For most students in general, and seminarians in particular, we all try to start the semester strong. Many, like myself, have learned from semesters past that at some point before final exams, we will fall behind in some aspect of our studies. In order to counteract this, many try to Read More...