You can’t do it all

By on May 27, 2016

When juggling ministry and full-time education, there are times when one will need to make decisions that lead to compromising one for the sake of the other. At times, it is easy to feel as if there are never enough hours in a day to finish all of the reading assignments, papers, and exams. Especially Read More...



By on May 16, 2016

Avoiding discouragement is part of the battle. When the world looks at only using the scientific method and tangible evidence as the sole means of valid decision making, it becomes difficult to convince even believers that what God has designed you to be and do while on this earth is legit. Hebrews 11-13 shows the Read More...


Finding a Church During Seminary

By on May 12, 2016

If you’re like me, you had to make the difficult decision of uprooting and leaving a wonderful church to attend seminary. Others of you have chosen to stay local, have been commissioned by your denomination, or aren’t terribly particular about choosing a new church. I’ve visited about twenty websites and six services in the past Read More...


Facing Insecurities in Seminary

By on May 9, 2016

During my seminary career I encountered some very different and unfamiliar dynamics both in the classroom and outside the classroom. If you are struggling with feeling insecure at seminary for one reason or another, then perhaps you know what I mean. Insecurities can take many forms and when you are attending an institution comprised of Read More...


Making friends outside of seminary

By on May 5, 2016

Although I don’t believe very strongly in the distinction between “Christians bubbles” and “the real world”–the corrupting power of sin is everywhere and so is Jesus’ work of redemption–my peers and I have found it valuable and grounding to go out of our way to make friends with non-seminarians. For one thing, your settings determine Read More...


Time-management in seminary

By on May 2, 2016

Seminary is a whole new animal. Most of the people I know in seminary fall into one of two categories. Either they’re single, moved states for school, and literally everything they’re doing is brand new: church, work, friends, school, hobbies, habits, restaurants, auto shop. Or, they’re married with kids and doing school full-time, ministry full-time, Read More...


How to make friends in seminary

By on April 24, 2016

If you’re like me, you left good friendships to move away for seminary. Or maybe you’re about to and this blog post could offer you some more concrete hope for making friends once you do move. I’d like to offer you five very practical steps to making friends. In my experience, all five have been Read More...