How To Succeed in Seminary

By on May 19, 2015

It’s May, which for most schools is graduation season. Men and women who have invested countless hours in classrooms and libraries are now preparing for the ceremony that will mark the end of a sometimes long and often very difficult journey. All will don caps and gowns and the regalia appropriate to their school and Read More...


Organizing Seminary: Apps for Writing

By on April 20, 2015

It won’t take you long upon your arrival at seminary how much things may have changed from previous generations of seminary educations. One of the biggest differences is just how digital everything is. Most seminaries have some sort of online class management system through which you will track grades, assignments, schedules, and get documents and Read More...


Lessons from BB Warfield’s “The Religious Life of Theological Students”

By on April 6, 2015

Benjamin B. Warfield’s famous lecture The Religious Life of Theological Students delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary on October 4, 1911 is still very fresh and relevant to theological students in our time. Warfield’s instructions and cautions appeal to us today as they did to those before us over a century ago. I believe these theological Read More...